On the other hand, maybe there may be a glimmer of hope for America and its fragile democracy. I would like to suggest the following to convert hope to reality. 1. Abolish political parties - make everyone run as independents. 2. Campaign contributions are legal bribes - get money out of elections: eliminate all political-action committees and other fronts; limit individual contributions no more than $500 per family per election; hold self-funding campaigns to the same $500 limit; or publicly finance all elections. 3. Require all candidates to publicly file a platform that specifies the precise initiatives they plan to sponsor and support, and automatically remove them from office if they fail to do so. 4. Make it a felony to seek assistance, in any form whatsoever, from a foreign country. 5. Eliminate gerrymandering, voter IDs, eligibility testing, poll taxes, and voter-suppression. 6. Make voting mandatory, like the replying to census forms. 7. Mail ballots into all households and allow them to be mailed back postage free. 8. Use ranked-choice voting. 9. Make television, radio, and print media time and space equally available to all candidates. 10. Make Senate representation proportionate to population, just like in the House. 11. Abolish the Electoral College. 12. Elect Senate and House leaders by a simple majority vote. 13. Suspend archaic legislative rules in the House and Senate that thwart the majority: no filibusters, burying bills in committee, or refusal to take votes at leadership discretion. 14. Make all state election laws conform to federal election laws. That should do it. Short of that, as I said, Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.