To the individual who thought it appropriate to throw a tantrum amid rush hour traffic, let me offer you a resounding, "FUCK YOU!" In case you were too wrapped up in your own self-righteous rage to notice, there are other people on the road with lives to live and responsibilities to fulfill. Contrary to your delusions of grandeur, my sole focus was not on tailgating you but on picking up my child from school, a responsibility that evidently surpasses your understanding. Let's address your decision to halt traffic, exit your vehicle, and unleash a torrent of profanity like an overgrown toddler. Bravo! Your stellar display of maturity and restraint truly left me awestruck. If my supposed tailgating was as perilous as you claim, surely your sudden stop in the middle of the road would have ended catastrophically. Yet, miraculously, disaster was averted, proving that perhaps you overestimated the severity of the situation. Oh, but it doesn't end there, does it? No, I had the pleasure of enduring miles of your petulant driving, presumably because my imagined transgressions against your fragile ego warranted such petty retaliation. Newsflash: driving like a douchebag doesn't rectify the situation; it exacerbates it. Grow up, for crying out loud!