You tailgating FUCKIES need to stop! While it is evident this guy lost his shit, per your comment it doesn't sound like you took responsibility for your part. The goddamn roads in Portland are like some scene in MadMax. I drive 30 minutes to work times two and I can't tell you how many times I've experienced some stupid shit on the road! FUCK just drive normally for once dammit!


sole focus
was not on
tailgating you
but on picking up
my child from school'

so you
focused on
picking up your
kid from School (an
Honorable thing well-
Deserving of your Focus)

but NOT to the Exclusion
of Not Tailgaiting
which you Failed
to do by your
Own admis-
sion. TWO
back my
& the

World waves
as you pass
Safely by.

*three secs
if it's Raining
or there's a kid
onna bike or a Dog
offa Leash or Whatever

how Imperative is it that
you get to Point 'B'
ONE second


oh & also:

"Oh, but
doesn't end
there, does it?

No, I had the pleasure
of enduring miles of your
petulant driving, presumably be-
cause my imagined transgressions against
your fragile ego warranted such petty retaliation."

omg -

Next time bj pull
Over and let
'em Pass.

why make
US suffer?


Oops, you just lost all credibility!

Don't tailgate, arsehole!

No one gives a flying fuck what your "sole focus" was: you were tailgating.

Your dumbshit actions are what count, they endanger lives, safety and property of your victims, not the "sole focus" happening inside the pimple at the top of your spinal cord.

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