Many religionists complain bitterly that we atheists lack the proper sensitivity toward their beliefs, and never consider how harsh and offensive some of our comments can be to members of the faith community. Religious people demand that atheists temper their comments regarding god and religion. They are very delicate when it comes to criticism and do not wish to be exposed to it. As I see it, respect, tolerance, and sensitivity ought to be two-way streets. If the faithful expect deference to their beliefs and traditions, it is incumbent on them to demonstrate the same degree of respect to the beliefs and traditions of the adherents of other faiths and to those who are non-believers. Do they? No! They are among the least tolerant people on the planet. No one could be less deferential. Coming as I do from an atheist’s perspective, I am offended by the never-ending bombardment of religious messaging, weary of the religious symbols constantly paraded before my eyes, tired of illogical prescriptions and proscriptions, and exhausted by the incessant religious blather of politicians and media representatives. These things offend me. Believe what you will. All I ask is that you spare me the fables, fairytales, and folk narratives that live in your otherwise vacant heads and stop all the whining about how badly you are being treated.