As a Christian (Agnostic Theist) BigID couldn't agree with you more. BigID's wife is an Atheist and so is a good friend. Being a Christian shouldn't allow BigID to be judgmental. BigID accepts your beliefs or lack of. There is no room to berate someone for their beliefs. BigID says peace and apologizes for the Fundementalists!


Yep. Never in my entire life have so many religious freaks said crazy shit to me since I became physically disabled and apparently am in need of having my soul be saved. They have so much hubris - asking if they can pray for me (why do they have to ask?); asking if I have taken Jesus as my savior (NO); asking if my illness/disability is painful (none of your business); asking "what's wrong with you?" (NOTHING, what's wrong with you that you think you have the right to ask me that?); and on and on and on. And don't get me started regarding religious people who still have the nerve to come to your door and try to recruit you for their cult. Where I live here on the coast, they can't get in, so they actually send mail trying to recruit. It's completely outrageous.

And right now we're watching a live streamed genocide by Zionists who use Judaism and the Holocaust as a "moral high ground" ??? to slaughter and starve and exterminate Palestinians. If any country deserved to be "given" to the Jews as reparations for the Holocaust, it should have been Germany. Israel and its religious zealots are making enemies worldwide and stoking hatred from other religious zealots of all kinds. It's total fucking insanity.


"If any country
deserved to be
"given" to the Jews as
reparations for the Holocaust,
it should have been Germany."


let 'em
Split it.

and watch 'em
Settle the

they Gotta
Mend their
wicked Ways.


"christians -- bullying people for 2,000 years"

You christians are confusing your right to believe in stupid shit with me not having the right to make fun of it.

I'm not insulting your religion. I'm just explaining how it isn't true.

The examples of christian love I see in christian trolls invading nonbeliever social sites are some of the worst hostility and hatred I have seen.

They are using "faith" as a masquerade for their ego and hatred.


Not all Christians @ Occam Shave. BigID bets we could have a beer and get along perfectly, heck BigID would even buy the first round!

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