Graduating college and entering the work force comes with a lifestyle shift incomparable to any in life leading up to it. Whether you are fresh out of high school or just graduating college, you go from having winter breaks, spring breaks, summer holidays, midterm reading periods to one (maybe) paid holiday of July 4th, 6 months from now. So 'hard work' or whatever that means is suddenly a concept that young 20 year old's are grappling with especially in terms of mental resilience. Six months into my job at this law firm, I realized- wow, I actually kind of hate coming in everyday. Do I hate the work- no. But explaining to my boss that I actually hope to get hit by a bus almost every morning was met with a burst of laughter and a tirade about how when he was my age, he worked three jobs. Well guess what? I don't think I'm lazy for not wanting that. I am not even complaining about the work, which mind you was white noise at this point. Why am I lazy for not being given the autonomy to chart my own schedule (within reason of course) and decide accordingly how to get the work done. Do you know how much more productive I would be if I could work in my bed?? Why is my work ethic lazy just because it doesn't fit into the ridiculously archaic routine of 9-5. I hope the revolution of Gen Z paves a way for laissez fair management and less judgement on expectations that do not affect (if anything worsen) productivity.