I refuse to explain myself and the special needs of my seriously physically disabled son to anyone, because that feeling is humiliating and degrading. So, let’s just say that my son was playing fetch with a couple service dogs on an EMPTY field with easy access to and from a paved parking lot to see if maybe my son might be independent enough to care for a service dog himself. So, next time someone tells you to leave them and their disabled child alone, especially when they are neither hurting anyone nor even remotely bothering anyone, you should probably mind your own @&#$?&! business and #$@! off. Sure, laws are laws, but ethics are ethics. You failed the ethics test just like all the bigots in the world who currently and historically have harassed POC, women, LGTBQ, and most definitely the disabled - for simply existing in the public sphere. Go crawl under a rock and die, Princess Karen. I hope you get help for your menopause. Gosh, that must be really hard on you.