Hi fucking idiots, I am a slightly fat woman with big boobs. I am not pregnant. If you don't get that women can have bellies without being pregnant, you're a fucking idiot. IF YOU EXPRESS THAT OUT LOUD, YOU'RE A FUCKING IDIOT WHO SHOULD GET A LIFELONG UTI. This was a new one: a woman on the street looked at me and said, "I want to say congratulations, but I want to be careful in case you're not pregnant." When I told you I wasn't, you said, "Yeah, that's happened to me too." Really? It has? Did you not consider the option that the person who did that to you could have kept their motherfucking mouth SHUT and kept walking? Other people's bodies are 1000000000% NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY TO A WOMAN YOU THINK IS PREGNANT. IT COSTS NOTHING TO SHUT UP AND KEEP WALKING.