Is America the Home of the Brave? Despite the words of the national anthem, you would have to be insane, stupid, or both to believe that. I have never seen such chickenshit people as Americans. They are afraid of everything: black, brown, yellow, and red people; Muslims, Jews, Catholics, and Hindus; uppity women; Arabs and Latinos; migrants and unions; Afghanis, Iraqis, Iranians, and Mexicans; gays and trans-genders; liberals, progressives, and socialists; teachers and librarians; books; and experts and intellectuals all scare the living shit out of them. For fuck sakes, half the country has a morbid fear of clowns. The US has the largest and most powerful armed forces in the history of the world. It has enough nuclear weapons to incinerate the globe 683 times. And the people live in abject terror of stone-age people who settle disputes by poking each other with long pointy sticks or throwing rocks. What a bunch of pussies American are. Before you come after me on this one, please be prepared to tell me in which branch of service, unit, and theater of wartime operations you served and for how long. Because if you are one those patriotic arm-chair warriors who just had to stay home so you could get laid, get drunk, and get stoned, while getting an MBA in finance, shut the fuck up! If you had bone spurs, like our former Pussy in Chief, or flat feet that ache when you have to walk more than 100 yards, unless itโ€™s on a golf course, or are prone to nasal congestion when forced to sleep on the ground, just shut the fuck up! You have nothing to say that I would be the least bit interested in hearing.