There is a professional group of anarchists in Portland that will use any excuse to burn down the city. Im sick of them.


Let’s see, what’s the difference between the genocide of Palestinians and what is happening to the Uighurs and Rohingyas? The answer is that we don’t send weapons and support to persecute the latter two groups. We have however, given Israel money and arms every year to help with ethnic cleansing, and now we give them arms to slaughter women and children, doctors and journalists. And then we make excuses for Israel doing this. You might notice that almost every nation in the world plus the UN know and state that what is going on is genocide that needs to stop. Every nation except this one.
In 1948, 700,000 Palestinians lost their homes to terrorism and violence (including murder and rape) by Zionists. Every year after, more and more homes were taken from Palestinians and given to D-bags from Europe and America because they were the correct religion. And every year our tax dollars support this.
So maybe that’s why I can’t get all riled up about vandalism at a library in Portland. It’s pretty low on the list of things that upset me.


Really appreciate this, thank you OP


I agree I think it's mostly stupid to just vandalize things like the library. There is a thirst for destruction with the sense of justified entitlement to do it given the cause, not to mention a lack of aesthetics. I do think a bit of vandalism is definitely good though. It's the PSU administration though which CHOOSES to ERASE all the historical moment, and by extension the Palestinian cause and the people it represents, embodied in the graffiti, incurring their own costs.

Also I get your frustration but I mean, what do you expect from young people who are being raised in this deeply hypocritical, hollow society? Like they shouldn't really be expected to be of a 'stable' mindset in the first place. Some of them definitely were genuinely enraged and fueled by the Cudd's reaction to the protest.

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