We know Biden is the Democratic nominee. He doesn’t need your primary vote. Voting for Marianne Williamson sends the visible message that we demand more progressive policies and we demand peace. If Marianne gets 15% of the primary vote in even one Oregon distirct, she will gain delegates and have a voice at the Democratic National Convention to speak on the actions that Biden isn’t taking, like Medicare for all, a guaranteed living wage, tuition free college and tech school, and declaring a climate emergency. Marianne stands for a ceasefire in Gaza and to stop sending weapons to Israel entirely. Writing in the word “uncommitted” will not be separately tallied in Oregon. All “write-in” words are treated the same, there will be no way to know how many “write-ins” said “uncommitted” versus something else. Marianne is the only ceasefire candidate on the presidential primary ballot and a vote for her is the clearest, most visible way to vote against Biden’s policies and demand peace in Palestine. Marianne is a real person who can give voice to the demand for peace. This is the Democratic primary, so this vote is not a “spoiler”. Marianne is not third party and will not be on the November ballot. A vote for Marianne Williamson in the Presidential primary sends a message that certain issues need to be addressed in Biden’s campaign, not only because they desperately matter, but because they are key to defeating Donald Trump in November.