It should be known that the money given to Dexter and her being trashed is confusing. All the top people are well funded. It's the way our existing elections work to freak people out with worry or torpedo the candidates themselves by forcing them to explain their actions and then bicker about that instead of bolstering a better platform for the victor. Shonda Rhimes had an episode of _Scandal_ that mirrored the having stand up values on the one hand, while on the other hand, there's needing the funds to be a contender. We must continue to see and not settle for loophole legislation around money pouring to elections. We must end the Newt Gingrinch playbook. More time on passing legislation in politics is needed. Votes in both committees and on the floor need reform. The money thrown into this race is all dubious except for small donors. But is it effective to gain votes? Whose votes does it garner? When do candidates in congress begin their election cycle? What about the dubious urban-rural divide? Are we willing to make the government work like it used to before Republicans changed the way an election works? Or do we let them continue to set the table and tone? Take back your government and call out the shenanigans that make politicians and those running ineffective on serving the people. Uniting in common spaces and fostering in person talks could help voting matter more and possibly even effective during the money train that exists. Trust me, the scary movie effect where you act alone of feel alone is what is desired by the truly powerful entities. Put away the cell phone and reach out to what surrounds you.