You suck shit at driving. Like who cares what the homeless are doing when you fucking Zoloft snorting yellow-light humpers are too busy arguing with your pre-breakup significant others to notice THE ACTUAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING crossing the street. It's a grand understatement to say that nobody is less important than you. In fact. You have contributed nothing positive to society. By cutting people off from side streets, driving 20 in a 25, speeding up only to run red lights, sniffing the asshole of every car in front of you, and drifting through the bike lane because your aim is +-10ft. You have made our city council shit. You have directly induced global warming. You have caused the war in the middle east. You have stolen food from the mouth of a starving child. You made Putin. Congratulations, you fuck. Your shit driving is the source of everything wrong with the world. PPB, get off your asses and fix this. Quit beating the homeless and actually be useful for once. Enforce fucking traffic laws. Eastern Oregon cops get paid only by traffic tickets. You should too.