So far, less than 34% of voters turned out to vote. Because of that, it is much easier for this unaccountable, single issue, outside money to flood into the state and make an impact. Voters should be repulsed by this. Instead, the pro-Israel lobby can corrupt Oregon politics with impunity. We need to develop an immune response to this dark money because it's going to keep happening and it is degrading our democracy.


As Israel continues the bloody assault on the people of Gaza, we must all be outraged that Dark Money interests have stepped in to buy an Oregon election. This massive PAC spending is a form of “Blow Back”, an unintended consequence of US foreign policy on the lives of US citizens. The attempt to buy the Democratic primary in Oregon Congressional district 3 illustrates how the immoral misguided US policy backing Israel's genocidal war in Gaza has circled back to corrupt a local election.


Does anyone know if Jayapal could run again in the general as an independent? I'd like to see her get a second chance, because I think the results would be much different now that the dirty dealings have come to light.


I thought that perhaps my outrage at this would pass. Instead it has grown steadily stronger day by day. The carpet bombing of AIPAC negative ads and the relentless lying by the Portland Business Alliance, People for Portland, the local media, etc. about who is responsible for the homeless situation and especially their campaign against Multnomah County . . . it is a textbook case of Manufacturing Consent. This is not Portland anymore, and I don't know what we can do to take it back from the right wing stooges that have seized power.


We are the United States of Israel. Americans are suffering and Biden keeps sending BILLIONS and BILLIONS to Israel so they can continue to slaughter and starve and then slaughter some more Palestinians. Israel is a terrorist state, run by a terrorist who calls Biden his bitch and he is not wrong.

Biden has no right being Commander in Chief. He is a war criminal - violating U.S. law and international law every time he sends money and weapons to Israel. He and Trump belong in a prison cell together.

This country is a sick and disgusting shit show. Biden vs. Trump again? That's what we get?

We are so fucked.


as big money
buys its way to

human beings
being here soley
for the harvesting

when one Trillionaire
controls the Planet
they will have
their utopia

and eat it too.

my optimism
is shrinking
grows on
the daily.

we Need
an intervention.

perhaps it will
come from above?
will those 'illegal' aliens
harvest even the Rich? likely.

or make them


Because Trump wont bomb the Palestinians out of exisitence.


smoulderin' uncle Joe's
done a Fine Job at
the Land Clearin'

r u saying
do it more Quickly?


we all can Thank
the "D"NC for
this Debacle
this Pickle
put Us

Not to
Worry --
they'll be Fine.


Actually my point is, pick the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately there are only 2 choices, however, one is clearly better than the other.

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