Computer programs in a website can do a lot of useful tasks. They can take your email address for newsletters, send out newsletters, and communicate your name, debit card and information to your bank to take a monthly donation. It can publish online articles. It can list "advocacy", "programs", "partners" and "education". It can list "Contact Us" information, and can even link to it. Where it fails is when a live human being wants to stop the donations and calls the phone number and emails BOTH of the email addresses. The phone goes unanswered. For four months. The calls back remain nonexistent. For four months. The emails remain unanswered. For three months. The automaton collection of donation money from my account continues unabated. For three months. Even worldwide businesses, almost completely unstaffed ( which you know if you try to find a live human on Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, and web email domains), make it easy to close your account using their programs. This is not an advocacy "organization". This is not, by all evidence, even staffed. It is not, by all evidence, live human beings. It is a bot.