in this the Land of the free
and the Home of the brave
expectations Exist to be Dashed

we're here to Serve our Masters do
their Bidding & Pray some Scraps'll
hit the Floor Before they take Us out

we have all the
Freedom to serve
that a Few may Excel
& watch them Flourish

all been Contenders

we Are.


I don't like drinking around kids. It makes me uncomfortable. That is an adult space, and people should take their kids to more appropriate venues.


There's a certain subspecies that hears "brewpub" as "child care." Since Laurelwood closed, it's been testing the fences at places that don't typically put up with patrons under 21. Always fun watching these folks pull up to a Gigantic for the first time.

It's infinitely worse as you go into the Gorge or onto the Coast during the next few months and parental amateur hour gets under way. To any brewery that hangs a bright-red NO MINORS sign outside a tasting room around that time of year (Fort George Lovell Taproom comes to mind), bless you.


but they are restaurants where alcohol is also a feature and can be a place where kids who's parents are engaged can teach them to interact like the tiny humans they are to be able to eat, talk, be party to the world around them. my kids enjoyed getting steamed clams and their bowl of spaghetti and meatball with their ginger ale and felt like the little adults they aspired to be. now that they are adults they still enjoy those things and the adult beverage that adulthood gives them access to.

that being said, i've witnessed many neglectful parents getting shit faced as their kids weren't being taught to interact and instead made it their playpen and yes, they suck and should go away.


Again, kids are not the problem, their asshole parents are the problem.

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