"Listen, I get it. You don't feel comfortable around kids, and you don't want to be around them at a restaurant or brewery or whatever."—Specifically a brewery, which dispenses a product that nobody under the age of 21 is legally allowed to consume

"But here's the thing; you're no prize either."—No, but they're generally expected to be at a bar or brewery if they're 21 or over

"I don't want to hear about your job or hobbies or smell your stank ass breath or whatever."—There's a strong chance you're an introvert and public spaces in general make you uncomfortable

"But I need to deal with you. And you need to deal with me."—Untrue, you could stay home... and breweries often tell people under 21 to keep walking (Gigantic, Assembly, Migration's rooftop and portions of some McMenamins facilities outright ban minors)

"And that kid is just another motherfucker we all have to deal with. No more no less. So just suck it up."—Again, untrue. That kid is a minor, and different sets of laws and expectations apply. There are entire swaths of Belmont Street that won't let that kid into their establishments

"You don't want to deal with kids, I don't want to deal with your middle class white person sense of entitlement, but we'll all just deal with it and move on."—Going into a bar and expecting not to deal with kids isn't "entitlement," it's adulthood. Throwing a tantrum because someone called out free-range parenting at the local brewery? Less so.


Kids are not the problem, their asshole parents are.


our kids
are our

just 'cause
Your mom n pop
fucked (you) up Royally
Does Not Mean you gotta
emulate them. break the Cycle

treat them
Humanely just
as if maybe Some Day
they may treat you the Same.

try it
Like it.

and don't
Forget to


spot on

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