Kids are human, have needs, and follow their parents/guardians where they go. Since they have little say (they sure say it) but not *the final say*, in where they go? Be kind to kids. Full stop. Adults, however, do indeed need to be present for their kids, and to meet those needs. In an airplane, your own oxygen mask goes on before attending to others. I get it. Still, if brewery time is a family value preventing the adults in charge from: correcting, instructing, or changing the environment for: children who are behaving in a manner inconsistent with reasonable expectations in that establishment? (A brewery is different from church, a grocery store, a library, etc.) Then it *is too* your job as stewards of your precious tiny humans to instruct your kids in how to meet those expectations, and when that does not work, to change the environment. Sometimes you have to go to McDonalds playplace or a city park with a picnic even if that isnโ€™t your first choice of venue. That's part of the path you chose as parents. I am deeply dedicated to being part of the village for your kids. So, when I talk to them or you about appropriate public behavior in any given setting, where you've chosen not to? You're not just inviting me to do that job - you're demanding it. I go up and down like anyone else, so the job you get is what I have to give, not necessarily my 100% best - which, post-covid, I don't know that any of us have a lot right now. I'll do my best, I presume you are too, and if someone is a jerk - well, we're all jerks sometimes. That's why it's key to lead with kindness.