A prophet? Really? I found it amusing when I heard you married a lesbian. Then you had a kid with her and then another. Then to find out you are now an anti-vaxxer? That both your kids ended up hospitalized with RSV. Then she keeps saying she went to “medical school”. Uhhhh she studied oriental medicine: acupuncture. That’s not medical school. She dyes her hair blonde and bleaches her teeth (saw the bleaching kit in the bathroom with my own eyes) but touts herself on Instagram as being a woo woo natural mama. Eye roll. Oh and she’s a healed codependent? Is that why she ended up married to an unhealed broken man? You two are something else! You married a megalomaniac. Her ego is off the charts. No wonder you're depressed and meds don’t work. Old you would be cringing at the life and woman you married. This is the absolute best karma for all the crap you’ve put women through! Ha!