Last night I watched the presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It was a horrible spectacle of incompetence. On the one hand, Mr. Biden appeared weak and confused, doing little to belie the view that he is far too old to seek the office of president. On the other hand, a more vigorous Mr. Trump tortured the very concept of truth with one grossly false statement after another. Mr. Biden answered the questions that were posed by citing his administration’s accomplishments and the failures of his predecessor. Mr. Trump boasted wildly about his personal achievements, even taking credit for those of other presidents. Mr. Biden generally confined his statements to issues of policy. Mr. Trump avoided answering nearly all of the questions put to him, instead preferring to launch one vulgar personal attack after another. The choice for America would seem to be confined to a decent man who appears to be far too old and frail, and a sociopath, convicted felon, and philanderer who has repeatedly demonstrated his unfitness to hold any office. We are a free country. Therefore, you may vote for one candidate or the other. Pick one. Vote! Or maybe just stay home and put your head in the oven with the gas wide open.