Here are a few things I have learned about politics American style. 1. If you don’t have tons of money, no one cares what you want, need, or think. Both parties cater to the rich and powerful. 2. Almost all politicians are whores: staying in office is more important than doing the right thing, representing constituents, or obeying their consciences. Decent politicians are curtailed by their parties, the ignorance of voters, and a lack of financial support. 3. The Republican party has a platform with three items: cut taxes, gut regulations, and stop common people from interfering with these priorities. 4. Political contributions are legalized bribery, ensuring that only those with deep pockets will be heard. 5. Judges are not impartial arbiters of the law: they too are party hacks. 6. The House of Representatives has two modes of operation: when Republicans are in power, pursue the policies described in item 4 above; when Democrats hold sway, obstruct anything benefiting the middle and working classes. 7. In the Senate, the majority rules, unless Republicans filibuster, and then the minority rules. 8. The leaders of both parties are committed to maintaining strict control of those parties at all costs, even at the expense of losing national elections. 9. Rich, old, white, nominally Christian men rule! 10. Election cycles dictate all government actions. 11. Republicans often win the presidency and control of one or both houses of Congress despite receiving fewer aggregate votes than their Democratic opponents. 12. The American people will believe any nonsense that the party they favor spews. 13. Most Americans vote against their best interests, not recognizing that the party they favor is their worst enemy. It’s amazing that anything of value ever gets done, given the above.