I Love Television Jan 21, 2010 at 4:00 am

Rise, Robots, Rise!


“If anybody should be pissed at robots, it should be the illegal aliens. Robots are stealing their jobs (i.e., the crappy tasks honkies don't want to do)!”

I know a few “honkies” that would love to be paid to do some crappy tasks. With unemployment at epic levels the cleaning, construction, maintenance type jobs commonly taken by illegals, willing to work for lower wages, are keeping citizens out of work.
There is unmistakable allure undocumented alien robots have for management types. They don't complain about working conditions, are never late or call in sick,(aka hungover), and are willing to work for whatever wage the government has deemed they legally can't be paid less for. They are happy to just be working and don't feel they deserve more than what they are getting.

Now when these robots start showing up with bachelors degrees? Big, hypocritical problem.

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