Here is what it is like to read or watch Game of Thrones: Something comes out, be it a book or TV show, and you get really, really into it, and then it ends, and then you have to wait 40,000 years for the next part to come out.

But rather than doing the decent thing and letting everyone forget about it for a while until the next part is ready, the people behind game of thrones—George R.R. Martin on the book side, HBO on the TV side—constantly and infuriatingly remind everyone throughout the course of those 40,000 years that the next part is right around the corner. Martin will post a chapter from the next book, or HBO will make a dozen little behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, and everyone will get all excited again, and forget they still have 39,000 years to wait.

ANYWAY here is the latest ad for Game of Thrones' second season, and yes it looks good, and April 1 is still a ways off, goddammit.