Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 8 - 14, 2009

Vol. 9, No. 32 N8 Van Dyke


In Other News

Candyland Unwrapped

The Not Completely Sweet Story Behind Sellwood's Bizarre Candy-Coated Home

Arise, Sir Sam

Portland Knights its New Mayor

Staying Alive

Emergency Measures Help Homeless Survive Snow


Once More With Feeling

The Chicharones

Of Money and Music

Portland Music and the Looming Economic Recession

Our Town Could be Your Life

The most anticipated albums of 2009

Like a Comet in the Night Sky

A Big Loud Sad Comet

Psychedelic Overload

Ancestors Balance the Epic and Ethereal

Up & Coming

The Man with No Plan

Sam Coomes Lets Quasi be Quasi

Movies & TV

Keepin' it Reel (HA!)

Reel Music: Movies for Every Musical Taste

Screw You, 2008!

Film Shorts

Fear and Loathing in the 'Burbs

Marriage, Life Sucks in Revolutionary Road

This Week On Television

Grampy Get Your Gun

Gran Torino: Fighting Racism with Racism

Everybody's Got One

The Secrets of Orthodox Judaism, as unlocked by Nancy Drew.

Bridezilla vs. Bridezilla

Bride Wars Is Just Embarrassing. At Least Kate Hudsonโ€™s Hair Looks Good, Though.

Food and Drink

Hold the Salt

Tastebud's Tempting Half the Time

Visual Art

The Future Is Now

The predictive powers of art and science fiction.


Craft's New Wave

Old Joy & Co.

Jon Raymond's new collection is a welcome addition to regional literature.

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

Savage Love & Sex


Doubly Victimized

I Love Television


The Real Reality