Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 25 - 31, 2007

Vol. 7, No. 35 James Hindle


Such Great Heights

Portland's New Tram Could Be Just What Portland Needs to Grow Up

Big Money

Oregon's Heaviest Hitters in the 2006 Elections

Strong Mayor to the Ballot!

Sam Adams Votes For Charter Referral


Peterson Toscano: A Survivor of the Ex-Gay Movement

In Other News

Vigil Ups the Ante

Crowd Prays for Police Accountability

Devil's Advocate

Is the OLCC Making it Easier for Bars to Serve Liquor?

Hall Monitor

State of the City

Recruit This

Anti-War Grannies Close Recruitment Center

The Clean-Up Crew

Making Sense of Measure 37


Once More with Feeling


Live Music and DJ Listings

Menomena Find Their Choir

The Trio Becomes 28 for One Night

Up & Coming

The Fascinating Game

Things More Fascinating Than Lyrical Flow

The Scene Report

Local Music News

The Thunder Rolls

Repetition, Numbers, and Drama with Me Con

Shake Down

Ape Shape Party for Their Right to Fight

Movies & TV

This Week on Television

Criminally Squandered

Aces: A Chilling Reminder of Adolescence

Film Shorts

A Whine Runs Through It

Life Is Really, Really Hard for Jennifer Garner

I'm Staying Home

Magical Crap We Love, Part II

Blood and Chocolate Don't Mix

An American Werewolf in Bucharest

Old-School Soderbergh

Time Traveling with The Good German

Food and Drink

Stuck in the Middle

Bo Restobar Splits the Difference

Food Events

Visual Art

Circle Triangle Square


Visual Arts

Theater & Performance




Employee of the Week

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

New Column!

Savage Love

Big Boys

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

Bad, Bad Nanny