Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 19 - 25, 2009

Vol. 9, No. 38
Kurt Hettle


Chávez Rename Take Two

City Seeks to Limit Renewed Controversy

Reverend Phil Gets Off

Tasered Bicyclist Beats Resisting Arrest Charge

Green Jobs for Everyone!

Is City's Economic Plan Realistic?

Hall Monitor

Burning Bridges

In Other News

Take the 2009 Sex Survey


Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Jessica Lea Mayfield Has a Lifetime of Experience

The Sound of Thunder

The Creative Courageousness of Aaron Parks

Rebirth Defects

Beyoncé vs. Dr. Octagon!

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

All Hail Cliff Clavin!

The Village Barbershop: Like Cheers! Sort Of! Not Really.

I Am Probably a Terrible Person

Because I Liked Fired Up

A Tasteful, Elegant Circle Jerk

The Oscars: When Hollywood Plays Dress Up!

Geek Out

Kittens and High Fives

Family Ties

Is Must Read After My Death Worth Watching Online?

Film Shorts

This Week on Television

Food and Drink

Food News

Call Any Albacore

Go! Fish!

A Delicious Champion of the World's Oceans

Visual Art

Imagining Transcendence

Liza Ryan's installation SPILL explores symbols of possibility and limitation.


Wright Women

T.C. Boyle and the mystery that is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Fun with Tin House

Tin House reading promises poet Matthew Dickman and fun.

Theater & Performance

No Happily Ever After

Sold Out

Sweet F.A.

One Day at a Time

More octuplets, please!

Savage Love

Higher Education


Happy Hour! Ahoy!

Finally! A Guidebook for the Frugal Culinary Explorer

I Love Television

I Love Television&trade

Oscars by Default