Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 21 - 27, 2015

Vol. 15, No. 36



Oregon's Top Budget Officials Are Backing off Prison Reform Funding

Another Sudden Detour

The Road to a Portland Street Fee Now Runs Through Salem

No Riot Here

Fritz Presses Hales on Protest Policing

Hall Monitor

The Trouble with History

In Other News


Dreaming of Water

Robin Bacior's Period of Transition

Metallic Elation

Skull Fist Keeps the Heaviness Light

All-Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Misandry 101

A Starter Kit for Baby Feminists

Four-Pack of Guinness

Sir Alec's Ealing Comedies

The Oscars Are Old and Busted

Of Racism, Sexism, and the Fast and the Furious

Boy Toy Next Door

The Boy Next Door Takes All the Fun Out of Screwing Hot Boys

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Killing(sworth) It

Milk Glass Market and New American Complement Each Other—and Their Neighborhood

Visual Art

Without Ceremony

Victoria Haven's Quiet Evolution


SoCal Gothic

Miranda July's Debut Novel Is... Kooky, with Eerie Depth

Theater & Performance

New Growth

Best Bets for This Year's Fertile Ground Festival


Pumping Neurons

The Mercury Health and Fitness Issue Builds a Better Body AND Brain

Train in Vain

This Is Your Brain on Meditation

Work that Pole

Pole Fitness: Not Just for Strippers Anymore!

Boner Juice

Bone Broth Will Fix Every Problem You've Ever Had, Maybe

Some Like It Hot

Unlocking the Power of Sauna

Back Slide

Pilates Your Way to a Less Crappy Back

How to Lift a Man Over Your Head

It's the Dream Fitness Goal of Small Women Everywhere—But Can It Be a Reality?

I, Anonymous


Cannabuzz: The Week in Marijuana

Sportsball and the Sticky-Icky

Everything as Fuck


One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

You’re Wrong About That: Ghosts


Love Notes


Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

The Hunger

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Calling Detective Jerkhole!