Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 20 - 26, 2009

Vol. 10, No. 13


Eyes on 2012

Marriage Equality Door Knockers Push Conversation—Not Conversion

Recall Wrecker!

Reporter Arrested and Released After Defacing Petition

Jumpy Road

Blazers Want Rose Quarter Made Over as "Jumptown"

Hall Monitor

Sit on It

In Other News


Under the Wrapper

Pissed Jeans' Hard Shell and Candy Center

Get BMMD Out

The Return of the SMMR BMMR

King of Pain

Joe Pernice Makes it Hurt So Good

Life on the Chain Gang

A Conversation with Martin Chambers of the Pretenders

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

WWII: The Remix

Quentin Tarantino Goes Nazi Huntin'

This Week on Television

Blood Slurpee

Thirst: The Squishiest Vampire Flick Ever

Of Titties and Doritos

Evangelion: 1.0: Calling All Otaku! Calling All Otaku!

Sugar Rush

Shorts: In Which Robert Rodriguez Proves that Ritalin Is for Losers

Posters and Artists

Died Young, Stayed Pretty: So. Many. Concert. Posters.

I'm Staying Home

Quentin Tarantino: Actor!

Film Shorts

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Vandals in the Garden

The Aftermath of the Earl Boyles Garden Attack

Visual Art

Marco Zamora

Give & Take

The Art of Touring


The Importance of Being Iceland

The Daffy, Brilliant Eileen Myles

That Old Cape Magic

Summer Reading from Richard Russo


The Portland Mercury's Guide to the TBA Festival 09:03:09-09:13:09

It's that Time...

Watching Me Watching You

An Interview with the Back to Back Theatre's Artistic Director

Oregon! Oregon!

Doin' the Beaver Thump with Thomas Lauderdale & Co.

Washington High School's Haunted Halls

Exploring the Site of the Works at TBA

Minimal Drag

The Indescribable Performance Art of Kalup Linzy

Cell-O Pop

Exploring New Stringed Territory with Erik Friedlander

Deprogramming the Box

Ethan Rose's Hacked Music Boxes

The Fruits (and Vegetables!) of Our Labor

Picnic with TBA and Slow Food Portland

A Point of Entry

Exploring Visual Art at TBA

The Many Screens of TBA

Exploring TBA's Film Offerings

An Unlikely Collaboration

Two Musicians and a Filmmaker Create Under Glass

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

The Last Splash

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

Minor Problems

I Love Television

Your Lack of Gumption