Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 1 - 7, 2015

Vol. 16, No. 7
Christian Schubert


No-Cause for Alarm

Your Landlord Doesn't Need a Reason to Evict You. Advocates Want that to Change.

Hall Monitor

Three Minutes to Midnight


Then and There

Barna Howard's Road Goes On

Debate Club

Van Halen: Runnin' with the Devil

Spreading Good Cheer

An Undocumented All-Ages Scene

Canadian Hospitality

A Report from Calgary's Sled Island Fest

All-Ages Action!

The Week in All-Ages Music

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Nu-Metal Blues

Terminator Genisys and the Failure of Modern Hollywood

Fuck Shirts

Magic Mike XXL: The Feminist Male Stripper Movie You've Been Waiting For

Broken Grandeur

The Third Man Gets a Slick Digital Restoration

Falcons and Sadness

Aloft Is a Big Canadian Bummer

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Going Hog Wild in the Pearl

Hamlet Blows the House Down

Eat This!

E-San's Nam Kao

Visual Art

Ground Control

From Mount Hood, Artists' Environmental Impact Statement


Clone Club

Two Kates' Age of Anxiety


Risky Business

The Uncompromising Lidia Yuknavitch


Weed the People

The Mercury's Cannabis Legalization Issue

His Name Is Earl

Congressman Blumenauer on Cannabis' Progress

The Rules

Officer Friendly's Clip 'n' Save Guide to Recreational Cannabis in Oregon

Let's Get Critical

More Vaporizer Reviews

He Hath Rosin

Making Solvent-Free Concentrates: A DIY Tutorial

Dispensing the Possibilities

Three Medical Dispensaries Make the Case for Putting Recreational Cannabis in Their Hands

Over the River and to the Goods

Pot's Legal in Oregon, but Washington's Still Your Best Bet

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Sharks vs. Weenie Dogs

I, Anonymous

Everything as Fuck

LaMarcus Stay Home

Sold Out

Now Open: xobruno

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love