Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 2 - 8, 2016

Vol. 16, No. 42


Trucking Giant Daimler Has Its Eye on One of Downtown's Only Public Docks

And That Might Mean One Less Sweet Swimming Spot

Hall Monitor

Eight Mayoral Candidates Debated, and It Was Fine!

In Other News

Transparent Police! Minimum Wage Options!


Life Is Meaningless, and Protomartyr Wants You to Stop Crying About It

The Detroit Band's Reminders of Mortality

Slowing Down with Eleanor Friedberger

The Former Fiery Furnace's New View

Loretta Lynn Goes Full Circle

With a New Album and Documentary, Country Music's Matriarch Reigns

All Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

The Oscars Are a Joke. POWFest Is Not.

Festivals Like This One Are the Antidote to Filmmaking's Sexist Entropy

The Hollywood's Cinematographer Series Celebrates a Bunch of Dead Cameramen

Five Movies That Are Absolutely Worth Seeing on a Big Screen

The Dazzling, Haunting Films of Wim Wenders

NW Film Center Offers Overview of German Director's Career

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Tina Fey, Girl Reporter

Shockingly, a Journalist Enjoyed a Movie About a Journalist

Zootopia's Allegory Strikes at Donald Trump

Disney Sneaks One by on the Sly

Film Shorts

This Week: Stephen Chow's The Mermaid, a 50th-Anniversary Restoration of Orson Welles' Chimes at Midnight, and More!

London Has Fallen, and So Have Our Standards

In Which Gerard Butler Stabs Villains from Fuckheadistan.


Cannabuzz: Juicing with Cannabis

Canna Juice Cures What Ails Ya

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Rate the Presidential Candidates—on Weed!

Food and Drink

Olympia Oyster Bar Is Tasty

But It Flounders Between Bar and Restaurant

From Bundys to Beer in Burns

How One Brewer Is Starting an Occupation of His Own

Visual Art

Contemporary Native Photographers Deconstruct Edward Curtis

Zig Jackson, Wendy Red Star, and Will Wilson Resist the Photographer's Limited Frame


While the City Slept Is a Wake-Up Call

Unlike Most Crime Writing, Seattle Journalist Eli Sanders' New Book Holds Us All Accountable

Theater & Performance

The Troubling Familiarity of Mothers and Sons

Artist Repertory Theatre Reboots Terrance McNally—but Why?


The Mercury's Guide to 2016's Presidential Merch!

2016's Presidential Candidates Aren't Just Selling Themselves. They're Also Selling a Bunch of Tacky Crap!

Everything as Fuck

The Jules Bailey Roast

Sold Out

Sold Out: March Style Events

Michelle Lesniak and Garnish

One Day at a Time


Letters to the Editor

"God, I'm Like the Old Man Yelling at Clouds."

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Four Word Limit