Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 16 - 22, 2016

Vol. 16, No. 44


Will the Burnside Skatepark Survive the Growth of New Portland?

The Beloved Portland Landmark Says It's Not Going Out Like That

The City Has A New Front In the Fight Against Homelessness

And It's Probably Not Who You Were Expecting


All-Ages Action!

How to Fall in Love (with Bruce Springsteen)

Slayer's Decades of Aggression

The Thrash Legends Still Slay

Feeling Color with Radiation City

Synesthetica Matures Their Honeyed, Futuristic Pop

The Body's Unholy Howl

No One Deserves Happiness Is the Grossest Pop Album of All Time

Candace's Witchgaze Coven

The Portland Band's Unmistakable Sisterhood

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Gymnasts Get Dirty in The Bronze

What Happens When America's Sweetheart Grows Old

Trapped Reveals the Reach—and Cruelty—of Anti-Abortion Legislation

A Must-See Documentary About the Victims of Anti-Choice Crusaders

The Confirmation Is a Sweet, Gentle Tale of Fathers, Sons, and Tools

Nebraska Screenwriter's Directorial Debut Is—Surprise!—a Bleak Father-Son Story

Film Shorts

This Week: Reviews Creative Control, Michael Showalter's Hello, My Name Is Doris, and More!

Divergent: Allegiant: Accelerant: Reverberant?

Am I Doing This Right? I Don't Understand Anything.


Cannabuzz: Pot Laws That Should Have Passed

The Oregon Legislature Failed to Pass These Very Important Pot Laws

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Insure Yourselves!

Getting Insurance for Your Marijuana Grow Is a Good Idea

Food and Drink

What’s Best at Wei Wei and Tam

A Chinese Slurpin' Safari in Sellwood

A Boozy St. Patrick's Day Primer

Prepare for the Holiday with Irish Whiskey 101


A Drawn and Disorderly Legacy in The Complete Wimmen's Comix

Sorry, Franck Bondoux, Women Comics Artists Have Been Around for a While

Theater & Performance

No Man's Land: Catholic School Girls and Amy Heckerling Vibes

Remixing the Late '90s Teenage Zeitgeist at Action/Adventure Theatre


The Birthplace of Homelessness

How Old Town Became Portland's Primary Homeless District

Everything as Fuck

Modern Dating

Art News

One of Portland's Most Important Art Spaces Is Closing. Now What?

The Museum of Contemporary Craft's Struggles Highlight Need for Art World Alternatives

Sold Out

Portland's Pretty

A Fashionable Audience at Fade to Light


Letters to the Editor

"Our Boy Is Down with the Clown and Stands Up 4 Juggalo Issues."

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Safe Wording