Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 6 - 12, 2016

Vol. 16, No. 47
Tymek Jezierski


Mayor Charlie Hales Says The City Should Take Control of "Zombie Houses"

The City Hasn't Foreclosed on a House in 45 Years. That Might Be About to Change.

After a Chaotic Meeting, a Big Part of Portland Police Oversight Is on Hold

(It's More Because of the Water Attack Than the Nazi Epithets)

Hall Monitor: Campaign Operatives, Catalogued?

Uber's Driven a New Ethics Ordinance Straight to City Hall

In Other News

Air Pollution Crackdown? Wheeler's (Maybe) Winning!


All-Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Bitch'n's Empowering Collaboration

The Super Punks Defy Your Expectations

Tell Your Friends About See My Friends Records

Secret City Volume 1 Documents the Secret Kingdom of Portland Pop

Klingons and Crescendos with Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage

Heading Into the Not-So-Final Frontier

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Richard Linklater Goes Back to School with Everybody Wants Some!!

A Middle-Aged Man Looks Back on His College Years and Only Remembers the Parts That Were Super Awesome(!!)

Demolition: How Rich People Grieve!

They Stop Going to Work and Buy Novelty Bulldozers! Neat!

Melissa McCarthy Saves The Boss

(With Some Help from Peter Dinklage)

The Broad Strokes of Chet Baker Biopic Born to Be Blue

A Well-Intentioned Portrait of the Jazz Great

Losing the Plot in the Films of Seijun Suzuki

NW Film Center Grabs a Touring Series of the Japanese Director's Work

Film Shorts

This Week: Mr. Right, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Cabin in the Woods!


Cannabuzz: Colorado Has Ideas for Cannabis Laws

Some Very, Very Stupid Ideas

Ask a Pot Lawyer

The Oregon Hemp Scene Is Coming on Strong

Food and Drink

I Ate at All the Sushi Belts in Portland

And Lived to Tell You About It

Visual Art

Project Art: The Cityโ€™s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Inside Portland's Project Space/Gallery Divide


The Blazing World of Margaret the First

Danielle Dutton's Ode to Female Literary Ambition

The Drug-Fueled Insanity of Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam

More Fascinating, Repulsive Comics from Simon Hanselmann


Dating State of the Union

Is Dating in Portland a Dream or a Disaster? Local Experts Dish on Their Experiences and Bust the Assumptions.

Everything as Fuck

Women for Hillary

Sold Out

Portland's Pretty

Looking Good at Treefort Music Fest

One Day at a Time

New Column!


Letters to the Editor

"The Whole Article Came Off How I Would Imagine a Portland View About It to Be—Snarky and Condescending."

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love


Portland Dating Dispatch