Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 27 - May. 3, 2016

Vol. 16, No. 50
Leo Zarosinski


After a No-Show, Police Watchdogs Are Forcing Cops to Appear

But That Doesn't Mean They Have to Like It

Hall Monitor: The 48-Hour Solution?

Jules Bailey Says a Controversial Police Policy Is on the Way Out. Is He Right?

In Other News

(Expensive) Affordable Housing, and a Homelessness Throwdown


All-Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Bleached's Existential Hangover

The Angelenos' New Record Embraces the Shadows

Mo Troper Bares All on Beloved

The Portland Musician's New Album Is a Pop Confessional

Bombino Goes Way Out West

The Band's Tuareg Roots Branch Out on Azel

Blackbird Blackbird's Mikey Maramag Is a Modern Prometheus

The Producer Crafts Frankensteined Folktronica

Holy Holy Remembers David Bowie

Tony Visconti and Woody Woodmansey Recreate The Man Who Sold the World

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Key and Peele Are Great! Keanu Isn't.

Why Couldn't the Bald Guy Be Named "Peele"?

Everything Falls Apart in High-Rise

Brace Yourself for Ben Wheatley's Latest

Sing Street Is Ireland for Dummies

Maybe Watch This One Out of Focus?

Ratchet & Clank: PlayStation Redux

A Kids Movie That Fits in That Tier Just Below Pixar

The Hazy Nostalgia of Papa: Hemingway in Cuba.

This Movie Is Not Historically Accurate. It's Not Even Historically Considerate!

Film Shorts

Purple Rain, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Hitchcock's Saboteur.

A Mom-to-Be Hates Mother's Day

Hollywood to Mothers: Eat Shit! You're Welcome!


Cannabuzz: Life as a Canna Widow

What's It Like to Live with a Weed Columnist?

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Did the Feds Let Up on Medical Marijuana?

The US Department of Justice Finally Dismissed a Long-Standing Lawsuit

Food and Drink

What to Eat at Providore Fine Foods

The Finest from the Eastside's Fanciest New Market!

Eat This!

Portland's Best Places to Get Your Goat


Jen Kirkman, Bona Fide Hustler

I Know What I'm Doing Covers Joan Rivers, Divorce, and Life on the Comedy Circuit


On the Road in Vexation Lullaby

Justin Tussing's Roadie Chronicles

Theater & Performance

Love and Information in the Digital Age

Theatre Vertigo's Got Some Answers


Shake Up the City

It's the Mercury's May 2016 Endorsement Guide!

Voting Made Easy!

Here's Your Cheat Sheet For May's Most Important Races

Portland Dating Dispatch


Everything as Fuck


Sold Out

Sold Out: May Style Events

Of Cupcakes, Feminists, Moto Babes, and Clothing Swaps

One Day at a Time

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

The One-Night Stand


Letters to the Editor

"Maybe the Candidates Should Have a Rap Battle Royale."