Print Edition for the week of
May. 18 - 24, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 1
Jack Teagle


Portland's Got a New Mayor!

Ted Wheeler Dominated, But a Lot's Up in the Air

Hall Monitor: The Budget Boiling Point

Charlie Hales' Somber Crystal Ball Backfires, Fireworks Ensue

In Other News

Smooching Fire Chief! The 48-Hour Rule Lives! Cops Bungle Their Own Rules! Crime Is Down!


Friends of Noise Includes and Empowers Portland's Youth

The New All-Ages Group Will Host Citywide All-Ages Shows

Charles Bradley's Selfless Candor

The "Screaming Eagle of Soul" Still Loves You

Getting Serious with Andrew Bird

A Conversation with the Looping Maestro

Eric Bachmann's Nostalgia Sneak-Attack

The Former Archers of Loaf Frontman's New Solo Album Puts Emphasis on the Here and Now

All-Ages Action!

Supermoon's Playland Is Sinister Pop

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Shane Black Returns, and He's Brought Along The Nice Guys

And Also: Sex, Murder, Booze, Bullets. And Yoo-hoo.

Get Smart with QDoc

An Excellent Collection of Documentaries. Plus: Dancing!

Tale of Tales' Gruesome Fairy Tales Are an Antidote to Disney

But They're Less the Stuff of Dreams and More a Fancy Sketchbook

Good Ideas and Bad Ones in A Bigger Splash

The Amount of Full Frontal Might Trick You into Thinking This Is a Very Serious Film

Film Shorts

This Week: Chained Heat, Mean Streets, Francofonia, and a Goddamn Angry Birds Movie

Neighbors 2: They Actually Tried This Time!

Sure, It's an Unnecessary Sequel—But It's a Pretty Good Unnecessary Sequel

Food and Drink

The Lowdown on Han Oak and Fusspot Chicken

The Quest for Fine Korean Food within City Limits


Cannabuzz: Consume with Care

You Can't Overdose on Pot—But Don't Eat Too Much of It

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Can I Patent My New Strain?

Patenting Isn't Easy, But It Can Be Done

Visual Art

Allie Hankins' Art Machine

Stand-Up Meets Performance in Now Then


Scott Aukerman on Seven Years of Comedy Bang! Bang!

The Live Podcast Hits Town

Theater & Performance

Hawthorne Gets Its Noir Antiheroine Right

At Action/Adventure, Portland's Very Own Hard-Boiled Lady Detective


Portland's Improv and Sketch Comedy Scenes Are on the Verge of Something Big

Why Aren't More of Us Paying Attention?

Portland Dating Dispatch

Everything as Fuck

Blazers Forever

Sold Out

Sold Out: Dea Dia

A Q&A with Jeweler Jessica Lawson


Letters to the Editor

A Magickal Confluence of People Who Should Never Write Us Again

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Guilt Ridden

Lush Life

Is Orange Wine the New Rosé?

Let's Taste It and See