Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 20 - 26, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 10
Boss Dog, Mat Stanger, Nick Patton, Martin Ontiveros


Portland’s Police Reforms Are Headed Toward a Big Shake Up

After All the Recent Trouble, That Might Be a Good Thing

Hall Monitor—The Biggest Whack-A-Mole

Hundreds of Homeless Are About to Be Swept. Where to Is Anyone’s Guess

In Other News

Superintendent Splits! New Public Plaza!


An Interview with Y.G.B.

The Collective’s Natalie Figueroa Talks Being Black and Brown in Portland

All-Ages Action!

PDX Pop Now! Edition

Maze Koroma’s Mythology

The North Portland Emcee’s Hip-Hop Is Built to Last

Woods’ River of Light

The Brooklyn Band’s New Record Is Sinister Grooviness

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Movies & TV

Beyond Star Trek

Star Trek Offers Us a Reminder: We Can Do Better

Growing Old with Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk’s Comic Book Sequel to the ’90s Rite of Passage

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Is Absolutely Just Okay

More Like... Partially Fabulous

Hitting the Road with Microbe and Gasoline

Michel Gondry’s Eccentric Tale Offers Some Much-Needed Optimism

Equals: Romance... in the Future!

It Involves Breathing on Each Other.

Film Shorts

This Week: Spike Lee, Zombie, and Escape from New York!

Lights Out Offers a Steady Array of Oh-Shit Moments



Cannabuzz: How to Diversify Your Potfolio

Potfolio. Get It?

Ask a Pot Lawyer: How to Get Your Weed Worker Permit

It’s Not Hard, But You’ll Need to Study Up—and Pony Up

Food and Drink

Bites to Remember

SuperBite Gives Downtown the Restaurant It Desperately Needs


Trouble Boys Cuts Through the Mystique of the Replacements

Bob Mehr’s Holistic Take on the ’80s Alt Rock Icons

Theater & Performance

Theater Has a Well-Documented Diversity Problem. One Local Company Has a Possible Solution.

For the Next Three Seasons, Profile Theatre Will Only Produce Plays by Women and People of Color.

Dead People Problems

Weekend at Bernie’s Is a Vulgar Delight

Burger Week 2016

Burger Week 2016: IT’S HERE.

And Here Are All the Burgers You’re Going to Cram Into Your Face August 8-13!

Bike Issue 2016

Surprise! You Just Got a Bike

It’s the 2016 Bike Issue, and It’s for the People

Meet Your New Bike!

We Put Biketown to the Test on a Volcano. It Got Us to the Top... Eventually

The E-Bike Is the Perfect City Bike

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Hills and Love E-Biking

The Life-Changing Magic of Bike Maintenance

A Guilt-Free Approach to the Care and Feeding of Your Steed

Demanding More from the City

Portland’s Most Prominent Tactical Urbanism Movement Explains Itself

YOU Can Learn to Ride a Bike Right Now!

Our Music Editor Just Did

Meet Your New Helmet

Try Your Hand at Winning One of These Custom Bike Issue 2016 Beauties

I, Anonymous

Everything as Fuck

You Just Got Trumped

One Day at a Time

New Column!


Letters to the Editor

"Perhaps Their Efforts Give Us All Some Hope That Change Is Possible."

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Three Peters

Lush Life

Mixing with Wine

Wine Cocktails That Go Beyond the Spritzer