Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 10 - 16, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 13
@highonthenip (instagram)


A Rodent-Infested Lake Oswego House Could Slow Demolitions in Portland

But in This Market, It Might Not Matter

A Portland Bakery Is Accused of Bilking Its Mostly Immigrant Workers

The Case Could Have a Major Impact on Manufacturing in Oregon

Hall Monitor: The Sweeps Didn’t Stop

No Matter What You’ve Heard, Illegal Camping Never Left


Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows for the Week of August 10-16

Sneaker Wave

The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop

Pfarmers Revisit Rajneeshpuram

Our Puram Recalls the Dark History of Central Oregon’s Fleeting Utopia

G.L.O.S.S.’ Sweat-Soaked Solidarity

Trans Day of Revenge Fights Back

Record Review: Honey Bucket, Magical World

Record Review: Minden, Sweet, Simple Things

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film

This Week: Florence Foster Jenkins, Indignation, The Craft, and a Tribe Called Quest!

Hell or High Water Is a Western for 2016

Leave It to a Scot to Deliver the Next Great American Western

Sausage Party: A Reminder That Fine Cinema Is a Powerful and Subtle Art Form

Wait, Sorry, That Should Read, “Sausage Party Is Dumb and Racist”

An Appreciation of Michael Ironside (and Scanners)

Ironside Approaches!

Pete’s Dragon Is Significantly Friendlier Than Daenerys’ Dragons

I Mean... Daenerys’ Dragons Are Kind of Dicks

Ghostbusters > Ghost Team

I Ain’t Afraid of No Bros

Anthropoid’s Botched Assassination

A Historical Thriller Gets It Partly Right

Food and Drink

Fillmore Trattoria: Honest Italian-American Fare

It Won’t Win Any Awards for Trendiness, But It’s Got a Mean Red Sauce

Visual Art

Project Art: End of Summer Edition

The Residency Program Bridges Portland and Japan


A Status Update from Ian Karmel

Checking in with Stand-Up and Erstwhile Portlander

Theater & Performance

The Maids: Existential Desperation with a Dash of Dark Humor

Genet’s Social Critique Is Still Relevant in Public Citizen Theatre’s Debut

Pet Issue 2016

The Mercury Pet Issue Presents... PETS IN ACTION!

It's the Mercury Pets In Action Photo Contest Winner, and Check Out the Mercury Pet Issue!

Portland’s Most Intriguing Cat Ladies

Portland’s One of the Cat Lady Capitals of the World. Here’s What Four of Them Had to Say About Their Fuzzy Pals and Fighting the Stigma.

Pet? You Are NASTY!

Is Your Pet a Perv? Read and Find Out!

Portland’s Pretty

The Hottest Looks from Lents’ Chicken Beauty Contest

Great Dogs of History!

Think Your Dog Is Great? Read Our List of Truly Incredible Dogs and Think Again.

Pet Rent, Explained

All About the Extra Money You Pay to Live with Your Pet

Make Your Pet Pay Rent!

Its Days of Freeloading Are OVER

High on the Nip

Heather and Jonathan Sielaff Run the Best Darn Cat Instagram in Portland

A Better Journey

How At-Home Pet Euthanasia Helps Families Grieve and Heal

On Second Thought... Maybe You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

(Because, Sometimes? The Dog You Want Isn’t the Dog You Get.)


Everything as Fuck

One Day at a Time


Letters to the Editor

“Someone Buy Megan a Wonder Woman Outfit and Set Up the Drinks!!!”

I, Anonymous Blog

Motorcycle Bros

Pokemon Go? Again?

Negative Neds and Nellies

Trapped in Hell

Leave Me Be

Sleazy Rider

I Promise To...

You're as High as Your Rent

Sleazy Rider II

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love


Lush Life

Stress Test

The Best Local Cocktails to Drink During the Last Summer Ever