Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 21 - 27, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 19
Cam Floyd


Through the “Eviction Mill”

As the Housing Crisis Worsens, Landlords Have a Friend in the County Court

Hall Monitor—The True Price of Hales’ Police Deal

City Council Supports Spending $6.8 Million for Cops, but It’ll Cost You More.


Kick Out the Jams

In Pursuit of Portland’s Classic Jukeboxes

Sneaker Wave

The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows for the Week of September 21-27

Johanna Warren’s Gemini I Cleans the Slate

The First of Her Twin Albums Sees Love as Both Blessing and Curse

Record Review: Mic Capes, Concrete Dreams

Fever Dreaming with Cass McCombs

His New Record Mangy Love Is Real Magic

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film

This Week: My Blind Brother, Hippies in Space, and Yet Another Beauty and the Beast

Laura Albert’s Long Con

Don’t Be Duped by Author: The JT LeRoy Story

The Portland German Film Festival: Now Featuring Hamsters!

Also: WWII and Try-Hards

The Magnificent Seven

A Review by the Magnificent Henriksen

Get Back in My Eyeholes, Tears!

Jerry Lewis Shines in the Manipulative Max Rose

Angus Scrimm: The Antithesis of a Horror Monster

Remembering the Man Behind Phantasm


Cannabuzz: Weed News Roundup!

The Cost of Weed, Who’s Buying, and the Future of Delivery Services

Ask a Pot Lawyer: A Deadline Looms for Pot Businesses

Packaging Regulations Take Effect October 1


Sady Doyle Dives into the Wreck

Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women

Theater & Performance

The Gun Show Won’t Be a Hit with Everyone

But It Starts a Crucial Conversation About America

I, Anonymous


Here is Dame Darcy, Your Comics Queen

The World is Catching Up with Her—Just in Time for The Meat Cake Bible

Everything as Fuck

Everything as Fuck: Supernatural, Part 2

Ian Continues His In-Depth Investigation of Santana's Supernatural

New Column!

Ask An Undecided Voter


Letters to the Editor

“Learn About How Portland Became Portland!”

I, Anonymous Blog

Burden of Proof? Naw…

Baby Girl

Sky High Prices

People Hate

Pre-Roll Me Another One

Country as Fuck?

Where Are You?

Did you get the memo?

The Text Question

Driving Like an Asshole

Don't Be the Trump of Portland

Sensuous one

Bad Ass Bartender

Goodbye Poor Old Bush

Wake the Fuck Up!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love


Last Supper

Rue La La

Satisfying Small Plates In Buckman