Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 12 - 18, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 22
Ryan F. Johnson


Cash-Strapped PBOT Doesn’t Want Your Free Crosswalks

It’s Been Squaring Off With Activists At a Southeast Portland Intersection

Hall Monitor: A Rudderless Harbor?

A Terminal 1 Homeless Shelter is Proceeding, But Who Will Run It?

In Other News

Asshole Sharks, and a Public Records Fight


Sneaker Wave

The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop

LVL UP’s Hive Mind

The Brooklyn Band Cites Its Sources on Its Sub Pop Debut, Return to Love

Ringo Starr Is Basically My Surrogate Uncle

And Ragging On Him Does Not Make You Look Cool or Smart

Tacocat Separates Fact from Fiction

The Seattle Band Takes Back Lost Time

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows For the Week of October 12-18

Movies & TV

Crisis in Six Scenes Is Woody Allen’s Best Work in Decades

Even Though He Really Should’ve Retired by Now

The Accountant Is Too Many Movies Happening at Once

Good Will Hunting + Batman + Way Too Much Other Stuff

The Lo-Fi Riches of the North Portland Unknown Film Fest

Portland's Newest Festival Features VHS, Two-Minute Shorts, and More

Things To Do Film

This Week: Denial, a Greasy Strangler, and the All-Night Horror Marathon!


Cannabuzz: Stupid Stoner Moments, 2016 Edition

The Best Worst Ideas of the Year So Far

Food and Drink

Eat This

Screw You, Pumpkin Spice! These Are the Gourds You Want


Phoebe Robinson, Dope Queen

You Can’t Touch My Hair Takes on Race and Pop Culture


Peter Ames Carlin Illuminates Paul Simon in a New Biography

The Portland Author’s Informative Study of the New York Songwriter

Theater & Performance

Head. Hands. Feet is a Halloween Treat for Adults

At Shaking the Tree, the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors


Get on the Team

10 Reasons to Give a Damn About the Trail Blazers This Season

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time


Letters to the Editor

“May the Great Spirit Ever Bless and Protect the Portland Mercury.”

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Senior Moments

Last Supper

Honky Tonk Blues

New SE Division Tacos Have Big Backing; Little Delivery