Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 9 - 15, 2016

Vol. 17, No. 26
Callum McCormack


A Lot Went Wrong on Election Night

But Here’s What Happened In Local Races


Growing Up with Milo Auckerman of Descendents

The Band’s New Record Hypercaffium Spazzinate Features Fewer Fart Jokes, More Lyrics About Credit Scores

The Mystical Power of Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch

The Norwegian Musician’s New Record Reveres Taboos Like Menstruation

Sneaker Wave

An Ode to Ms. Lauryn Hill

Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick Talks Blending in, Standing Out, and Staying Real

On His New Visual Album, Live from Trona, the Portland Musician Plays to an Empty Desert

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows For the Week of November 9-15

Movies & TV

Things to Do Film

An Arrival, Some Time Bandits, and James Franco Does Gay Porn!

The Close Encounters of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

First Contact with Mysterious Aliens? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

Woman in Crisis

Christine is a Humane, Improbably Funny Portrait

Gay Porn (and James Franco) in King Cobra

Oh, and Melodrama. Also Melodrama.

Playing the Odds at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

You Can’t Win ‘Em All, But This Fest Has Plenty to Offer

Food and Drink

Eat This!

Soup Life


THC, Thanks for the LOLs

Why Pot Makes You Laugh


Aaron Gilbreath on Loving the Questions

The Local Essayist Considers Everything We Don’t Know

In Defense of David Sedaris

Don’t Step to Me That He Isn’t Deep.

Theater & Performance

At Portland Center Stage, On the Road to Nowhere

The Oregon Trail Is Not as Fun as The Oregon Trail


The Business of Nostalgia

As Digital Downloads Reshape Video Games, Portland’s Indie Game Stores Strive to Satisfy Retro Tastes

Last Supper

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Tusk

Super-Anticipated “Middle Eastern” Launch Comes Proper, Especially at Brunch

I, Anonymous


Other Herbs You Can Smoke or Vape

Sprinkle Them in with Your Cannabis or Try Them on Their Own

Sold Out

Portland’s Pretty

This is How to Throw a Party—and What to Wear


Letters to the Editor

“Whites Pushing out Other Whites—What Has the World Come To?”

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Aaron The Side

I’m Just Visiting

Burn in Hell, Trump