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Jan. 25 - 31, 2017

Vol. 17, No. 37
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Max McKenzie / @lyra__


Police Blasted and Tear Gassed an Inauguration Day Protest

Now Demonstrators Are Crying Foul

Portland Finally Hired a Liaison to Local Tribes Late Last Year

Now the Position Sits Empty

Hall Monitor: Amanda Fritz’s Next Big Thing

Fritz Has a New Assignment, and Designs on a Multi-Million-Dollar Project

Resistance & Solidarity

The Inauguration Diaries

Four Days in the Nation’s Capital Dodging Tear Gas, Rabid Misogyny, and Casual Racism


Saxophone Quartet Battle Trance Works Toward Transcendence

Frontman Travis Laplante Says the Group’s Lineup Came to Him in a Dream

Down Gown's Rock of Ages

The Portland Band's Debut Draws from Past and Present

Revisiting Woody Guthrie’s Time at the Bonneville Dam

A New Collection of Covers by Pacific Northwest Artists Pays Tribute to Guthrie’s BPA Song Cycle

Things to Do Music: January 25-31

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film: January 27-February 2

This Week: Carrie Fisher, Neruda, and Waterboarded Puppies


With Julieta, Pedro Almodóvar Riffs on Alice Munro

Resident Evil Actor Ryan McCluskey: The Resident Evinterview

Of Zombies, Doomed Elevators, and Spilled Coffee

The Erdmann Cometh

Toni Erdmann Will Set Your Priorities Straight

The Legend of McConaughey's Gold

Where's Curly When We Need Him?


Laurie Frankel’s Fabulous Child

In This Is How It Always Is, the Northwest Author Combines Domestic Drama and Trans Kid Fairy Tale

Shocked, I Am Shocked!

New Order Bassist Peter Hook Reveals Rock Band Did Lots of Drugs and Sex

Theater & Performance

You’re in a Cult, Call Your Dad!

Carnivora’s Jump Scares and Abject Sorrow

Last Supper

Pan Pizza Isn’t Square

Any Pizza Is Personal If You Try Hard Enough

Lush Life

How I’d Wine and Dine President Trump

Portland Establishments Where We Can Both Feel Comfortable

I, Anonymous

Snow Thanks to You

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Possible New Pot Laws for Oregon in 2017

What New Legislation is on Oregon’s Docket?


Five Possible Scenarios for Cannabis Law Under Trump

The New Administration Is Like a Choose Your Own Adventure for Weed’s Future

Sold Out


Letters to the Editor

“If You Supported Trump, You Voted Against the United States, You Stupid Fuck.”

Savage Love