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May. 31 - Jun. 6, 2017

Vol. 18, No. 3
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Kenton Waltz


A City in Mourning

Last Week’s Horrific TriMet Attack Has Portland Reeling Yet Resolute. Upcoming Alt-Right Rallies Will Test That.


Poptone Is a Family Band

And Diva Dompe Is Living Her Rock Star Dream

Roselit Bone’s Hellfire Hymns

The Portland Nine-Piece’s New Album, Blister Steel, Is a Runaway Success

Things to Do Music: May 31-June 6

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Resistance & Solidarity

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of May 31-June 6

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film: June 2-8

This Week: Gaslight, Jaws, Big Trouble in Little China, and More

The Untold Story Of Jeremiah Tower

The Biggest Celebrity Chef You’ve Never Heard Of

TV Report Card: Evaluating 2017’s Shows So Far

Our Guide to Catching Up on the TV You Missed This Year

Wakefield Is Like The New Yorker! But a Movie!

How Very Sophisticated!

Wonder Woman Is a Thrilling Start

Now Bring on the Sequels

Visual Art

Snapchat Doesn’t Load in Here

Night Market Brings Local Artists Offline and Under One Roof

Sean M. Johnson Visualizes the Afterlife

Burials Captures Death, Transcendence, and the LGBTQIA+ Community


The Body Horror of Illness, Poverty, and Time

I Should Have Listened to Anne Elizabeth Moore


Fear Will Never Conquer Us

Scenes from This Weekend’s Hollywood Transit Vigil for Three Heroes Who Stood Against Hate

Last Supper

Dog Days

OP Wurst and the Sausage Scene

Lush Life

In-Fest-ation: It’s Beer Fest Season Again/Still

Portland's Ongoing Slew of Brew Celebrations

I, Anonymous

This Week's Featured I, Anonymous!

The Great Cheese Puff War

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Is Oregon’s Medical Pot Program Fading Away?

Signs Point to Recreational Adult-Use Cannabis Pushing Out the OMMP


Get Your Green at Home with Green Box

New Subscription Program Brings Cannabis to Your Doorstep


Letters to the Editor

“We Cannot Let This Fear Prevent Us From Stepping In and Speaking Up Where We See Hate.”

I, Anonymous Blog

Savage Love


What’s She Mad About Now?

A Memo from GOP HQ

Portland’s Pretty