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Oct. 11 - 17, 2017

Vol. 18, No. 22
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Arielle Bobb-Willis


Portland Police Are Struggling to Defuse Tense Situations

A Damning New Report Suggests That’s Because They’re Not Being Trained

The City Finally Has an Idea of How to Spend Its Housing Bond

Here’s What You Need to Know

Now Trump’s Messing with the Willamette River?

His Administration Has Reached a Secretive Deal with Polluters

The Trump Administration Is Reversing Birth Control Protections

That Means Oregon’s New Health Equity Law Is More Important Than Ever

Hall Monitor: Echoes of Charlie

As Ted Wheeler Steeps Himself in the Homelessness Crisis, He’s Sounding More Like His Predecessor

Resistance & Solidarity

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of October 11-17


Scraping By With Protomartyr

Frontman Joe Casey Talks Realism and the Band’s New Album, Relatives in Descent

Elliott Sharp Reimagines the Work of Thelonious Monk

His Current Tour Celebrates What Would’ve Been the Jazz Legend’s 100th Birthday

Record Review: Jeffrey Martin, One Go Around

All-Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Things to Do Music: October 11-17

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Movies & TV

Confused Kids, Asshole Dads, and The Meyerowitz Stories

Family! It’s the Worst! Or... the Best? No, It’s the Worst.

Ex Libris Will Put You To Sleep

I Love the New York Public Library. I Did Not Love Three Hours of It.

Things to Do Film: Oct 13-19

This Week: Lucky and Friday the 13th—Plus The Thing and Sound of Music in 70mm!

The Foreigner: Jackie Chan Versus Pierce Brosnan!

God Bless you, Jackie Chan.


Joe Hagan on the Rise of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone

Sticky Fingers: A Crawl Through Rock and Roll Journalism and American History

Theater & Performance

At Shaking the Tree, Anti-Fascist Theater Is Relevant Again

It’s Alive and Well in Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Don’t Get Caught

Artists Rep’s New Play Has a Super Dumb Secret


The Hollywood Theatre Wants to Save Film History—But First, It Needs to Save Movie Madness

The Fate of Portland’s Favorite Video Store Depends on an Ambitious Kickstarter

Last Supper

Short Round Proves Its Mettle

Fish Sauce's Sister Bar Shines

Lush Life

Where Have All the Oktoberfest Beers Gone?

Once the Dominant Fall Seasonal, Märzens Have Become Hard to Find

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Lord of the Rings

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Who’s in Charge of Federal Weed Policy Right Now?

Two of the Three Most Important Positions Are Empty


The Golden State Goes Green

California Makes Adult-Use Weed Legal on January 1. What’s Coming?

Sold Out

Looking Back on the 2017 Fashion Show Season

The Influx of People Moving to Portland From Other Parts of the Country Has Benefitted Local Designers... In Some Ways

One Day at a Time


Letters to the Editor

“I Love Your Searing of the Thief in Chief.”

I, Anonymous Blog

Do Not Reply

Do You Have The Time?

Silky Server Socks

Men are awful, and religion makes them worse

Lose it and Forget it?

The Next Few Years in American Politics


Dear Stupid Spiller

My hippster mag is bummed out.


The Problem

We are All Being Trolled


Savage Love

Poly Wants

What’s She Mad About Now?