Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 25 - 31, 2017

Vol. 18, No. 24
Jess Garten


ICE Agents Are Starting to Text Immigrant Targets

They’re Also Continuing Constitution-Violating Arrests

Laundry Service and Restrooms Might Be Coming to Portland’s Homeless

As Ted Wheeler’s Frets About Spending, He’s Mulling Nearly $450,000 in New Cleanup Costs

Hall Monitor: Danielle Outlaw Wants a Helper

Turns Out the Police Chief’s Been Planning a Big Change for Bureau Leadership.

Resistance & Solidarity

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of October 25-31


A$AP Mob Rules the World

The New York Collective Is Leading the New Golden Age of Hip-Hop Crews

Nurses Reemerges with Naughtland

The Portland Band’s Latest Confronts the Beauty and Terror of Life

Things to Do Music: October 25-31

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film: Oct 27-Nov 2

Nosferatu, Noir, and a Hobo with a Shotgun!

Discovering Bigfoot Is a Bigfoot Documentary Made by a Bigfoot Hoaxer

It Also Sucks.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Gets Under Your Skin

Yorgos Lanthimos Explodes the Mythologies of Cinema and Domesticity

Goodbye Christopher Robin Is Stylish and Sad

Hello, Christopher Sobbin’

Rat Film: Rats Are Gross (Even When They Teach You About Racism)

A Documentary About Redlining, Rats, and Baltimore

The Old and the New of Stranger Things 2

♫ There’s Always Something There to Remind Me ♫

Beware the Tragedy Girls

Introducing the Scream Queens.

Theater & Performance

Nous, On Va Danser Breaks Through the Boys’ Club of Dance

Portland Choreographer Nancy Ellis Takes on Aging and Gender

Halloween Theater! Spooky! Scary!

Nesting: Vacancy Makes For a Frightening Binge-Watch


The Tell-Tale Tooth

True Stories of Dental-Related Horror

Last Supper

Let’s Talk Over Rugelach: The Oregon Jewish Museum’s Lefty’s Cafe

To Share a Table and a Pastry Here Is to Share an Infectious Passion

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!


Ask a Pot Lawyer

Can Section 8 Tenants Be Evicted for Smoking Weed?

Classic Lawyer Answer: It Depends


California Weed on the Eve of Proposition 64

Part Two: To Live and Get High in LA

Sold Out

A Q&A With PDX Shopping Tours

New Column!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See HUMP! 2017!

Tickets Are Going Fast!


Letters to the Editor

“You Don’t Know Diddly Squat About Anything You Think You Know.”

I, Anonymous Blog

Your Damn Jumping Dog Needs Discipline

Bang Bang Pop Pop Pop

The Shoes Though

My Commented Posts

Brown slicker


Evil === Good

Shitty Musings, Please Stop!

Why is it taboo to talk about a conspiracy theory?

Miss My Cats


Please Beware

Please I Beg You

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love


What’s She Mad About Now?

The Death of Satire

The Tell-Tale Tooth

Chitter, Chatter... What’s the Matter?

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

Dr. Nick: Mini-Mall Dentist

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

Scared Straight

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

The Doctor Will See You Now

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

The Missing Mouth Jewel

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

By the Skin of My Teeth

Another True Story of Dental-Related Horror

Around and Around (A Vinyl Column)

Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (10th Anniversary Reissue)

The Austin Band's 2007 Album Sees Vinyl Again, With a Bonus Disc