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Nov. 8 - 14, 2017

Vol. 18, No. 26
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See Spot Shred Dylan Goldberger


A Presentation on Portland’s Racial Biases Has Officials Flipping

They’ve Gotten a Recording Scrubbed from the Web, and Say It’s Inaccurate

The Top Protest Cop Defends Rough Policing Tactics

But Complaints Keep Filing in and Lawsuits Loom

Hall Monitor: Investigate Sam Adams

New Allegations Against the Former Mayor Need to Be Investigated—No Matter What


Sneaker Wave

All Hail Lizzo

Son Little Finds New Magic in a Loaned Guitar

The Philadelphia Musician Is a Musical Alchemist

Things to Do Music: November 8-14

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Movies & TV

Things To Do Film: Nov 10-16

Big Trouble in Little China! Moderate Trouble on the Human Highway!

BPM Is the Kind of Movie That Wouldn’t Get Made in America

It’ll Fuck You Up. Watch It Anyway.

Discovering VHS Relics with the Found Footage Festival

An Unpredictable Trip into the Weird World of Video

Gilbert Is So Sweet! And a Goddamn Bore.

Nice Guys Finish Last.


Deliverance Interrupted

A Vancouver Music Company Tried to Release New Music from Prince. They Didn’t Get Very Far.

Last Supper

Sushi One’s Generic Appearance Masks Impressive Sushi Hideaway

The Price Is Right at this Slightly Out-of-the-Way Gem

Lush Life

Inside de Garde Brewing’s Expansion

The Tillamook Brewery Now Has a Space Worthy of Their Beers

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

The Opium of the People

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Can Medical Cannabis Cardholders Own Guns?

Per the Feds, Alcohol’s Fine, But Weed’s a Different Story


Reviewing the Propaganda-Filled Weed, Inc.

Ben Cort’s Cannabis Book Is a Frightened, Sad Waste of Tree Pulp

Sold Out

Reviewing FashioNXT

New Column!

Hey Pen Lovers! Don’t Miss... The Portland Mercury’s BALLPOINT PEN WEEK!

We’re proud to introduce the best Mercury Week ever!


Letters to the Editor

“This Might Be the Best Article On Any Subject You’ve Ever Covered.”

I, Anonymous Blog

No Fucking Manners

Red Card

Excuse You.....

Faux-woke Millennial BS

Less of Moore


New Mexico

The Hangover


Ice Queen of Fred Meyer

My Path

Savage Love

The Daddy Files

What’s She Mad About Now?

Wordstock Previews

Looking Back on Power

Documenting the Rise of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Everything You Know About Poetry Is Wrong

Matthew Zapruder’s New Book, Why Poetry, Is Here to Help

Catching Up With Chicago Essayist Megan Stielstra

On the Agenda: A Puppy, Sleepaway Arts Camp, and The Wrong Way to Save Your Life

Spinning Hits Full Rotation

Teen Graphic Memoir Author Tillie Walden Comes to Wordstock

From Slacktivism to Activism