Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 29 - Dec. 5, 2017

Vol. 18, No. 29
Olivia Bee


As Winter Approaches, the Homeless Are Using Dangerous Methods to Keep Warm

It’s a Costly Side Effect of Portland’s Housing Crisis

Affordable Housing Could Be Decimated Under the Republican Tax Plan

And Congressman Greg Walden Is Stonewalling Concerned Providers in His District

Hall Monitor: Run the Block

High-Profile Complaints Have the PBA Winning More No-Sit Sidewalks


The Calculated Chaos of Laurel Halo

The Electronic Musician Discusses Her New Album, Dust, and Her Move to Berlin

Record Review: Mo Troper, Exposure and Response

Things to Do Music: November 29-December 5

Noteworthy Shows This Week

All Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

Record Review: Various Artists, Transference

Movies & TV

The Disaster Artist: James Franco, The Room, and the Making of a Disasterpiece

James Franco Does Tommy Wiseau a Solid.

Guts, Gore, and Ill-Advised Surgeries at the PDXtreme Fest

It’s Bloody Beautiful.

The Force Shadows the Beleaguered Oakland Police Department

And There Are More Similarities to the Portland Police Department Than You Think

Things To Do Film: December 1-7

Contact! Scrooged! And... Another WolfCop?

Theater & Performance

This Christmas, John Waters Wants Riots

The Pope of Trash Discusses His Favorite Holiday


“Can Anybody Help Out This Week?”

Six Days at the Pacific Northwest’s Regional Abortion Fund

Ask a Pot Lawyer

How Can I Get into the Cannabis Industry Without Any Money?

It’s Tricky. Here’s What to Watch Out For

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Housing Crisis

Lush Life

Rescuing Port From its Crusty Traditions

Port Wine Is Much More Than a Rich Man’s Extravagance

Last Supper

The Mighty Peking Duck: The Best Holiday Bird

Six Places Serving Peking Duck That's Worth the Effort (And Money)


What’s in a Strain Name? Not Much, It Turns Out.

Which Is Why Phylos Certified Is Mapping Your Weed’s Genetics

New Column!

Don’t Miss the December Edition of the I, Anonymous Show!

Hosted by Caitlin Weierhauser and a Panel of Verrrry Funny People!


Letters to the Editor

This Week: Airbnb, Roy Moore, and—Watch Out! It’s the Pun Police!

I, Anonymous Blog

Confession of a pdxcub

Redneck Racist

Leash Your Dog, Motherfucker

Sorry to Everyone Else

The Baby Boom is the Problem


The main difference between nicotine & opioids

The New PDX

I Should Have Just Stood There

Late Assignment

Dear Roomie...

Actual Plea

Turn right on red.

Bad luck

Requiem for the Trolls

You Blew It

A Lesson in Driving

The left lane is for passing only.

Kick me off nextdoor?

Savage Love


The Party Review

Let’s Play Bunco!

From Slacktivism to Activism

Portland’s Pretty

Coffee Shop Crawl