Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2018

Vol. 18, No. 38
Jenn Liv


Portland Has a Brand New Houseless Community

Advocates Say the Village of Hope is a Sanctuary, But the City’s Planning a Crackdown

Portland’s Bet on Forcing Developers to Build Affordable Housing Is Getting Lackluster Results

Now, Mayor Ted Wheeler Wants to Offer a Sweeter Deal


Record Review

Drunken Palms, Later

Welcome to Kyle Craft’s Full Circle Nightmare

The Portland Singer/Songwriter Releases His Swaggering Sophomore Album

The 18 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: January 31-February 6

Katy Perry, the Thesis, and the Drive-by Truckers

Movies & TV

The 25 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: February 2-8

Starring the Clock-Cleaning Queen of Cock-Knock Cynthia Rothrock!

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool Review: Jamie Bell + Annette Bening 4-Ever

A Hollywood Tearjerker with a Subversive Twist

Hostiles Review: A Western for Western Fans

Don’t Let the Big-Name Cast Fool You—the Real Stars Are Mud, Guns, and Regret

The Insult Review: An Examination of Hate

Ziad Doueiri’s Oscar-Nominated Film Has No Easy Answers


Lawyering Up with Guy Branum

The Comedian Discusses the Law, Broken Souls, and Rejecting Comedy’s Male-Dominated Power Structure


Remembering the Extraordinary Ursula K. Le Guin

A Storyteller Who Defies Generalization


A Peek at Portland’s Alternative Universe

What If Portland Were Completely Different? (You’d Still Complain About It, Right?)

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

The Power of Prime


Orange Thief Makes the Case for Published Sketchbooks

The Unsettling, Imaginative Illustrations of Sophie Franz

Drink This

The Trail Blazers Have Their Own Kombucha

How Fitting

Last Supper

Sammich, Stoopid Burger, and People’s Pig Bring the Mess to Kerns

Now It's the Finger-licking-est Neighborhood in Portland

Ask a Pot Lawyer

Can Medical Professionals Lose Their License for Using Cannabis?

And Under What Grounds Can They Face Disciplinary Action?


How to Get Your “Old School” High Back

The Thrill Is Gone? This Might Help

Savage Love



Letters to the Editor

This Week: Trump Voters, Homeless Shelters, and Scully and Mulder are NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE!

New Column!

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One Day at a Time

What’s She Mad About Now?

Blame the Snakes in My Head

From Slacktivism to Activism

The 11 Best Ways to Make a Difference in Portland this Week: January 31-February 6

Support Affordable Housing in Gresham with CAT and Pueblo Unido, Party for a Good Cause at the Resistance Ball, and Volunteer with Operation Nightwatch

Around and Around (A Vinyl Column)

Murray Head’s Nigel Lived Is a Concept Album in the Grand Old Tradition

And It’s Best Heard on a Double-Disc Reissue by Gig Harbor's Intervention Records