Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 11 - 17, 2018

Vol. 18, No. 48
Megan Reddi


Wapato Shelter Plans Don't Sit Well with Portland's Homeless Community

"Would a housed person want to sleep in a jail?"

Why Isn’t the City’s Plan to Reverse Gentrification in NE Portland Working?

We'll give you a hint: It's expensive.


BlackWater HolyLight Gets Rough ’n’ Riffy

The Portland Group’s Debut Is a Sprawling Exploration of Heavy Music

The 20 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: April 11-17

From Jaden Smith to Strokes Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. to Portland Soul Legend Ural Thomas

Faustina Masigat Crests the Wave

The Portland Singer/Songwriter Releases Her Powerfully Understated Debut

Kelly Pratt Premieres New Work as Bright Moments with the Camas High School Choir

The Hour-Long Piece Draws from Doo-Wop, Afrobeat, and Metal

Record Review: Mope Grooves, Vanished

The Portland Band’ New LP Documents Moonlit Fear

Movies & TV

Krystal Review: Is It My Head Cold Talking, or Is This Movie Delightful?

I Have Taken a Lot of Sudafed

British Director Andrew Haigh on the Real-World Problems of Lean on Pete

A Boy, His Horse, and the Challenge of Adapting Willy Vlautin’s Sad, Wonderful Novel

Rampage Review: Monsters Fight, the Rock Is the Rock, and Chicago Gets Destroyed

Yep, Pretty Much As Advertised!

The 27 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: April 13-19

Quick Reviews of Truth or Dare, Where Is Kyra?, and More

Final Portrait Review: It Should Be Art. Instead It’s a Slog.

Stanley Tucci’s Drama Is Less Than Meets the Eye

Beirut Review: An Airport Novel as a Movie

Meet Jon Hamm, Hostage Negotiator! (A Handsome Hostage Negotiator)

Big Fish and Begonia Review: Mostly Captivating

Zang Chun and Liang Xuan Try to Make China’s Spirited Away

Food and Drink

Hurrah! It's the Mercury's Portland Pizza Week 2018!

$2 Slices from Portland's TOP Pizza Geniuses—April 16-21!

Visual Art

Arts and Craft with Erin Aquarian

Portland’s Full-Time Witch Takes on the Patriarchy


Hannibal Buress Is the Truth

Catching Up with Broad City’s Leading Man


Red Clocks: Speculative Lit at Its Finest

The Radical Potential of Leni Zumas’ Oregon Coast Dystopia

Theater & Performance

DeLanna Studi Walks the Trail of Tears

And So We Walked Charts the Reach of Generational Trauma


The Unlikely Hiker

Jenny Bruso is Making Space for Those Who Feel Shut Out of the Outdoors

Last Supper

BG’s Food Cartel Brings the Pod to Beaverton

A Few Uniquely Delicious Options That Are Worth the Trudge to the Burbs

Lush Life

Second Profession Brewing Offers Beer, Brats, and Low-Key Charm

Go for Their Hazy IPAs

I, Anonymous

This Week’s Featured I, Anonymous!

Weekend Witches

Ask a Pot Lawyer

How Did This Drug War Craziness Start, Anyway?

It‘s Pretty Much Entirely Nixon’s Fault


A Crossfading Horror Story

Mixing Alcohol and Edibles Is Not the Smartest Idea

Savage Love

Call for Submissions

I, Anonymous Blog


Stop It Just Stop

To My Narcissist Ex

MLB Is Bad For Portland

Hey, You. Yeah, You

That Escalated Quickly

Who'd A Dick Here, Anyway?


Hey Hipster Douchbag of Chalk Dust


Letters to the Editor

The Old Men Strike Back

What’s She Mad About Now?

From Slacktivism to Activism

The 10 Best Ways to Make a Difference in Portland this Week: April 11-17

Rally in Support of Houseless People, Restore Angel’s Rest Trail, and Volunteer with New Year in the Park

Portland’s Pretty