Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 4 - 10, 2010

Vol. 10, No. 37
Rachel Caldwell


Jail, Inc.

Is Privatizing Jail Health Care a Lethal Idea?


39th Avenue Changes Name

The Wrong Chickens

Misdirected Theft Stops Would-Be Chicken Killer


Will Private Money Rebuild Oregon's Universities?

The Other "Public Option"

Inside a Community-Focused Plan for Memorial Coliseum

Hall Monitor

Cool Runnings

In Other News


Looney Tunes

Van Dyke Parks' American Masterpieces

Boy in the Bedroom

The Small Beginnings of Cars & Trains

Redefining Psychedelic

Sleepy Sun Get it Together in the Country

Guiding Light

The Parson Red Heads Will Save Us

Our Town Could Be Your Life

Into the Woods

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Dear John: You're Boring

A Hallmark Channel Unoriginal

Tiny Men, Big Mountain

Scaling the North Face

One Foot in the Grave

A Lazy Scratch at the Buried Secrets of Dark Metal

Royally Cheesy

From Paris with Vinnie Barbarino

Geek Out


Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Suzette: Delight-Fold

Surprising Crepes and Plenty of Charm

Visual Art

Art! Party!

Focusing First Friday


Unpacking Granta

Rushdie, Alarcón, and Ferris on Work

Interview: Wells Tower

Talking with the Author of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

A Little DeLillo Goes a Long Way

Point Omega Is Short but Expansive


Lego Robots Save the World

Watching Hundreds of Junior High Schoolers and Their Robot Friends at the Oregon Lego League Championships

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Starting from Where We Are

One Day at a Time

New Column!

Savage Love

Theoretically Speaking

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Crime Bowl