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Aug. 8 - 14, 2018

Vol. 19, No. 13
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What Happens When Portland's Hub for Mental Health Care Unexpectedly Closes?

Unity Center's Pause on New Patients Sends Providers Scrambling

Portland Considers a New Disaster Preparedness Model

And It Looks Really Weird!


Record Review: Chanti Darling, RNB Vol. 1

The Retro-Futurist Soul Outfit Releases Their Debut LP

The Furthest Corners of the Hall and Oates Universe

Nine Songs the Iconic Duo Should Play on Their Current Tour

Jack White Is Coming to Portland

And with the Help of Yondr, He’s Taking Away Your Phone Privileges

The 17 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: August 8-14.

From Hall & Oates to Shabazz Palaces to Chanti Darling’s Record Release

Movies & TV

BlacKkKlansman Review: Spike Lee Tries to Do... a Lot

It’s Difficult to Know What to Make of Lee’s Latest Joint

The 34 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters: August 10-16

Hobbits! Princes Brides! Damn Dirty Apes!

Food and Drink

Burger Week 2018

Aug 13-18, 2018


North Coast, White Women, and Big Bang (The Improv Group Not the Famous K-Pop Band)

All the Best Stuff and Even More Best Stuff at the Fifth Stumptown Improv Festival


The Secret Token Exposes the Mythology of the Roanoke Colony

Journalist Author Andrew Lawler Contextualizes One of America’s Favorite Mysteries

Theater & Performance

How Jenna Bean Veatch Found Love in a Not-Creepy Place

The Not-Creepy Gatherings Grew from Veatch’s Performance Art and Interest in Human Connection


So You Are a Star? Okay.

Why Hasn’t the Portland Music Scene Embraced Its Original Hitmakers?

Last Supper

If You’re Not Eating Crawfish, You’re Summering Wrong

Have a Blast at a Cajun-Style Boil

Super Deluxe is Portland’s Answer to In-N-Out

The Man Behind Little Big Burger Returns in a Bid for Burger Supremacy

I, Anonymous

Fury Road


Reefer Regulations Roll Hard

Hefty Fines for Violations in Oregon and Colorado


Letters to the Editor

Cuddling! And Antifa! (Not at the Same Time.)

Savage Love

Après Pill, Le Déluge

The Party Review

Portland’s Pretty

Hot August Nights

Casually Comfortable Summer Cuties

Around and Around (A Vinyl Column)

U2’s Dark Night of the Soul

Vinyl Reissues of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and The Best of 1980-1990