Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 1 - 7, 2010

Vol. 10, No. 45


The Life and Death of Jack Dale Collins

What We Now Know About the Homeless Man Shot by Portland Police

The Sunshine State

Journalists Push Oregon to Open its Public Records


Retailers Dodge the Bullet on Booze Ban

Democracy: Rebooted

Oregon Bus Project Sets Top Priorities at 400-strong Bend-er

Minds Willing but Budgets Weak

Sixteen New Detox Beds Will Go Unused

Hall Monitor

Anarchy Lite

In Other News


No Time to Breathe

Surfer Blood Work to Stay Relevant

Alone in a Crowd

In Defense of Muse

Guitar Hero

Imaad Wasif Resurrects Rock and Roll

Give Up

God Hates You and Owl City Is Proof

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

The Gods Must Be Lazy

Clash of the Titans: More "Clash," Please!

Do the Right Thing

The Most Dangerous Man in America Shouldn't Be the Exception

Fire Up the Manipulatron!

Miley Cyrus Wants to Make You Cry by Dave Bow

Close to Home

An Interview with October Country's Portland Filmmakers

Releasing the Kraken

Going to Clash of the Titans? PREPARE THYSELF!

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Food Porn

Tits, Ass, Tacos, and Tony Stamolis


Comedy Is OK

Blowing Up the Scene


A Q&A with Justin Taylor

Interviewing the author of Everything Here Is the Best Thing Ever

Realer than Fiction

Reality Hunger's Post-Narrative Future

Dungeons and Dominatrices

Whipped into Shape

Theater & Performance

A Moment to Remember

BodyVox's Smoke Soup

Adapting the Garcia Girls

Another Bilingual Success at the Miracle

Savage Love

Back to Work

New Column!



One Day at a Time

Sold Out

Incubating Portland Design

I, Anonymous

Smiles Are Free

I Love Television

I Love Television™

On Beating Dead Horses